March 31, 2015


Joke of the day

Just recently, some scientists and archaeologists sought to repair some tombs of famous people in Europe. The tombs were in ill repair. When they went down into Mozart's tomb, they saw Mozart's corpse sitting by candlelight. He was madly erasing the music he had written with a big eraser. The scientists were so surprised, all one of them could ask was, "What are you doing, Mozart?" He answered...."De-composing."  

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse Intrigue

Cape Hatteras during the Civil War had some daring exploits. The Rebs had it, the Yankees had it. In late August 1861the Union won the  Battle of Fort Hatteras and Fort Clark, both Confederate forts near Hatteras Inlet, was a pivotal win for the Union. The Union attack signified many firsts in the war: the first combined Army and Navy operation, the first amphibious assault, and the first African American gun crew to fire on Confederates. The Rebels removed the 1000 crystal Fresnel lamp…

Lookout Mountain

This photo is from the Lookout Mountain Battlefield park. This mountain was a lightly held stronghold of the Confederacy, looking out at Chattanooga, Tennessee, hundreds of feet below. The battle fought here was literally fought "above the clouds." It probably looked like this on the day Union troops scaled the imposing height. Confederates, few in number, withdrew from their stronghold without putting up much of a fight.

Surprising Use for Money

Surprising Use for Money By Curt Locklear   The old woman shopped in the store only because shopping was a habit. She did not need clothes. She had plenty. Often, she bought clothes and never wore them. They hung in her closet with the tags. In her late seventies, she had relatively smooth features and dyed brown hair, she wore a flowered house dress. The store was the last one still open in a dead strip center. That part of…

Soft Launch of Blog

Yes, I have taken the plunge into the website world. This is my first blog. Wish me luck as I embark on this aspect of being an author. Joke for the day. Why does a chicken coup have two doors?   Because if it had four doors it'd be a sedan.