A Little Humor for You.

July 13, 2017

If a bluebird is on your shoulder, zippededodah! but do you have to worry about bird poop?

Here’s a great song not heard on the radio in a while:

For the Writers and Musicians Out There

Take away the trees, and the birds all have to sit upon the ground.

Take away their wings, and the birds will have to walk to get around.

Take away the bird baths, and the dirty birds will soon be everywhere.

Take away their feathers, and the birds will walk around in underwear.

Take away their chirp, and the birds will have whisper when they sing.

Take away their common sense, and they’ll be headed southward in the spring.

Oh, remember me, my darling when spring is in the air

And the bald-headed brird are whispering everywhere

You can see them walking southward in their dirty underwear.

That’s the Tennessee birdwalk.

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