BOOK TOUR through the South

August 5, 2016

This Friday I start out at the Jefferson davis museum in Biloxi, Mississippi. I stay there two days, talk, sell books, play the banjo and guitar and learn a lot myself. The plantation is named Beauvoir and was almost completely destroyed when hurricane katrina hit. it has since been rebuilt to its former glory. they have a strong school education program where students of all races come to learn about life on a plantation in the antebellum south. it’s all about preserving the past, not glorifying what was wrong, but learning the best about each other.c3
Find my novel, Asunder a novel of the civil war on amazon and barnes & noble online.
    1. What is your book signing schedule? I have a friend interested in signed copies. Her father is in Arkansas and she is in PA. Is there anywhere to order signed copies?

      1. Hi, Kelly. If she is willing to send me a check for $25 for the book plus $5 for the shipping, I will mail her a signed copy. I’m heading back to Texas tomorrow. I have presentations there and book signings. Tell her I’m very willing to assist her in getting a signed book. I can give you one as well. The second book is about Pea Ridge which is in Ark. Let me know via message FB.
        Take care.

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