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Splintered Songs of the Civil War
16 tracks, all performed by professional musicians. Instrumental and vocal. The songs are generally those mentioned in the course of the plot in the two books, Asunder and Splintered.



A Novel of the Civil War

With war surrounding them, Union and Confederate male and female protagonists are caught in a battle to survive.  Thoroughly researched, Asunder is a story of intense action, of love and loss, and of families torn apart.

Cyntha Favor, an abolitionist and ardent believer in Spiritualism, searches the battlefield in hopes of finding her husband’s grave. Having received erroneous reports of Joseph’s death, she hopes to free his tormented soul. Joseph, however, was knocked out in the battle and has amnesia.

Sara Reeder, an excellent horse-woman is thrust into the Wilson Creek battle maelstrom. Dred Workman, a conniving Union soldier and deserter to the Rebels, falsely convinces Joseph he is a Confederate cavalryman.

Lucas, Sara’s father and a disabled veteran, owns one aged slave, Abram. Over the years, the two have become close friends.

Joined by her freeman employee and confidant, Josiah Reynolds, Cyntha’s headstrong manner lands her in confinement by the Union army. After accidentally learning her brother is accused of robbery, and aided by a quirky Rebel supporter, she plans to escape.

Her brother is a passenger on a steamboat that sinks in a storm. The survivors are attacked by River Pirates.

With marauder gangs, the Spiritualists Fox sisters holding séances, and devastating battles, Asunder drives towards a devastating climax.

Softcover ISBN: 9781478769545
Hardcover ISBN: 9781478770541


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Book 2 of the Asunder Trilogy

The second in a trilogy, Splintered, follows the interconnections among a superbly memorable cast of characters during the middle of the Civil War as they internally and externally wrestle with why they’re fighting, or why they’re not fighting at all. Others will grapple with mere survival when the war alarmingly shows up on their front lawn or storefront.

Asunder readers will delight in the return of abolitionists Cyntha and Joseph Favor, Confederate sympathizers Sara Reeder and Constance Carver, the continuation of opportunists known as the Spiritualist Fox Sisters, and a new storyline involving Wranglers who round up and move horses under harrowing conditions to supply the Confederacy.

From its heart-wrenching opening scene of stoic grief in a Lincoln White House on the day of his son Willie’s death to the final heart-wrenching battle scene and surprising assassination plot against Lincoln, Splintered proves itself a novel of sweeping, artfully rendered proportions, and one that is at times deeply moving, while always intelligent and socially conscious.

ISBN: 9781943258468
Summer 2017


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