A Hacker in Africa   On the savannah in Africa, there sat quietly one day A brave e-book novelist a typing away. He sat by a brook ‘neath a low Bilbao tree And the dew on the grass cooled him off, don’t you see.   And the writer glanced once when a man with a book Came and sat down nearby him ‘neath the tree by the brook. The writer typed and he typed and he swatted at flies…

Joke of the day

Just recently, some scientists and archaeologists sought to repair some tombs of famous people in Europe. The tombs were in ill repair. When they went down into Mozart's tomb, they saw Mozart's corpse sitting by candlelight. He was madly erasing the music he had written with a big eraser. The scientists were so surprised, all one of them could ask was, "What are you doing, Mozart?" He answered...."De-composing."