#Historical #Fiction #Civilwar The #novel comes out soon.

May 1, 2016

    1. Love the book trailer. Very well done . I look forward to reading “A Sunder.” I want one of the first books.

      1. That’s a deal, Dee. Asunder is sure to be a hit. I am so excited to be composing the Artie song. Coming soon.

    1. I went to blockhouse when you were the principal super excited to read this book by you.

      1. Hello, Kendall.
        I remember you. How are you? The book will be out soon. There will be a book launch party pretty soon. I don’t know quite where or when you but watch to for the email and Facebook blast about I.

        1. Kendall,
          The book is on Amazon and Barnes and Noble online.
          It is called Asunder, A Novel of the Civil War.
          Get one quick.
          If you’d like, let me know and you can come to the Book Launch party on June 25 in Round Rock. I’ll get you the details.
          Sign up for emails.
          Best wishes.

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