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January 25, 2018

Kruschev at the UN, banging his shoe and saying, “We will bury you.”
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I was reading recently in a recent poll of Millenial aged persons that half of them said they would rather live under socialism or Communism rather than capitalism.
They don’t know about how the leader of the Communist party, Nikita Kruschev, in the 1960’s banged his shoe at the UN and said to the US “We will bury you.”
They don’t know how the Russians were attempting to place nuclear missiles in Cuba so they could “early launch” to destroy American cities. They don’t know about the Cuban Missile Crisis.
They don’t know how Stalin and Lenin ordered more persons killed than Hitler.
One in 5 Millenials think Stalin is a hero.
They don’t know that people were building bomb shelters because the threat of Atheistic Communism and their vast nuclear arsenal was a daily threat that kept us in a nightmarish existence for decades.
They don’t know how my mom led us daily prayer on our knees that the impending nuclear holocaust would not occur, please, dear God.
There are those who think the “Confederate Battle Flag” is a symbol of racism when it is actually a copy of the St. Andrew banner. A cross recognizing Christ. They don’t know that the flag is a symbol of heritage remembered, not ever slavery honored.
They don’t know what the Great Depression is. They have not lived through a dustbowl.
They have never been starved to death by the “Great Leap Forwards” of the Chinese Communists.
Of course, if they read the NY Times, the Times reminisces about the old Red Century. The Times glowingly reported how Lenin was an environmentalist.
We need to expand the teaching of History in our schools to a much greater degree. An education of going without a meal to experience hunger. Films about the real threat of Communism. Multiple field trips that are curriculum driven to reenactments.
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