Hurricane Harvey. The worst may yet come after waters recede.

August 29, 2017

Hurricane Harvey has brought the most flooding the country has ever seen. That’s what the news says. But what comes next when the water goes down?
Maybe it’s the principal in me, but I tend to always be thinking ahead. And I know that more terrible things are to come. But before I talk about the what next. I have to applaud the heroes across the Houston metro area who’ve pitched in until exhaustion to bring stranded people to safety. How much worse would the death toll and other losses been had it not been for the good hearts of people of all races.

Those noisy handful that seek to divide us need to take a look. We are a nation with the biggest hearts and biggest shoulders of any on earth. Sure, we’ve got our blemishes which has been worsened lately by the onslaught of the media. I will not call it fake news, but I used to teach Journalism, and I know how reporters can twist the facts and distort the facts or cherry-pick to discredit those with whom they disagree.
Instead. Take a look at how great our country is, especially Texans.
By the way, folks from Ohio, Florida, Nebraska, Louisiana, and even New York have come to help. Bravo to them.
Okay. I’m thinking ahead. Things to consider.
1. All these folks need a quick onsite way to access help from FEMA and other agencies, including insurance groups. They need quasi offices, even tents, set up in the affected neighborhoods. People should not have to depend on phones and being on hold forever.

2. Once the folks start pulling the mess from their homes, do they have a plan to get the tons of furniture and other items picked up and removed? It will be massive. They better have a plan in place with flexibility.
Otherwise, folks will have no other choice but to dump it somewhere.
3. Do they have a plan to remove all the cars and tow them to the designated repair spots specified by the owners. Are they on the watch for price-gouging tow services.
4. Do they have grief counselors available?
5. People will come home to find wild critters in their homes. They need a plan to deal with that, especially snakes.
6. Disease possibilities will increase. Hopefully the hospitals and health agencies will be out in force and doing it pro bono.
7. All the trash that was not picked up. We don’t need that washing into our streams and rivers.
8. Finally, after a month, mosquitoes will rise in number. Do they have a plan?
I’m sure there’s more, and I hope someone is thinking ahead.
God bless Texas, the USA and all the good people who have sacrificed for others.

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