May 23, 2017

Every donation gets a Facebook and Newsletter shoutout. and you can brag that you helped publish a book when it is launched.

$5 – A POEM in your honor. Clever, humorous original, though not insulting, poem about you .MORE PERKS BELOW PICTURE
The second book of the trilogy

plus a Facebook and Newsletter shoutout

$7 – A “Curt Locklear’s Plethora of Jokes” and the award-winning novella, CALLIE MOON, on PDF. Yours to read and enjoy.

$12 – A poem – plus a CD of The Brave Volunteers “The Songs of the Civil War”

$25 Signed copy of Splintered shipped to you plus the Brave Volunteers CD

$50 Signed copy of Splintered, The Brave Volunteers CD,  plus a collection of the LETTERS (not available in the book)  of Sara and Cyntha to Joseph on fine paper.
$75 Signed copies of both books, Asunder and Splintered and the Brave Volunteers CD and the letters of Sara and Cyntha to Joseph in an elegant keepsake box.
$100 Signed copies of both books, your choice of several different Civil War travel mugs.
$500 I travel to your home anywhere in the continental US and perform an intimate banjo and guitar concert for you and friends. Plus- you get the signed books, the CD, the travel mug, the letters in an elegant keepsake box, and a DVD of “Lee’s Surrender at Appomattox” filmed at Liendo Plantation by an award-winning film-maker.

#1000- A personally guided tour by yours truly of both battle sites – Wilson Creek and Pea Ridge – (plus bonus sites), a night’s stay in an elegant bed and breakfast and a dinner out in Fayetteville, Arkansas and a $50 travel voucher.

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