Civil War


Childhood Memories

When i was a youngster living in Brady, texas, i took a great interest in the civil war. my friends joined me in re-fighting the various civil war battles. if we charged little round top, we simply climbed a tree to reach the roof of the garage. made sense to us. it was fun using our imaginations to play at war. all the heroism, none of the pain. i hope everyone lets their kids use their imaginations, not just play…


  [caption id="attachment_543" align="alignleft" width="950"] Last Confederate Raider Ship[/caption]                                       The last shot fired in the Civil War was at sea in the Bering Strait. The CSS Shenandoah, a Confederate Raider vessel, arriving late in the war (1864) fired a blank cannon shot at a US whaler ship. The Confederates took her cargo, despite the fact the whaler's captain almost wanted to fight…


In researching for my novel, Asunder, A Novel of the Civil War, I had a lot to learn. I dug through volumes of googled information as well as from books and pamphlets and actual Civil War era documents. I toured the battlefields multiple times. On one trek I walked the entire distance through  chest high grass of what had been the 3rd Texas Cavalry campground and discovered it was about 400 yards long. I also picked up some tics along…

Lookout Mountain

This photo is from the Lookout Mountain Battlefield park. This mountain was a lightly held stronghold of the Confederacy, looking out at Chattanooga, Tennessee, hundreds of feet below. The battle fought here was literally fought "above the clouds." It probably looked like this on the day Union troops scaled the imposing height. Confederates, few in number, withdrew from their stronghold without putting up much of a fight.