Splintered is the New Title for the 2nd Book

After a large number of votes were cast, Splintered still won by a huge margin. Thanks to all who voted. The book is at the published. It'll be a few months until it's ready to come out. I'll give plenty of notice. I invite everyone who has not read Asunder, A Novel of the Civil War, to get a copy. It's at Amazon, at BandN.com and at Outskirts Press. Other providers have picked it up, too. It's featured at Bookpeople…


If you would like to keep up with what's happening with the new novel ( and a secret novel, I'm working on, too) take 10 seconds and subscribe at the subscribe icon. 10 seconds and you'll get a few up to date emails. Coming up, I'm presenting at Jefferson Davis's Memorial Plantation. I'll be at several battlefields and the Jefferson, Texas Civil War Symposium. Just a few events.


In researching for my novel, Asunder, A Novel of the Civil War, I had a lot to learn. I dug through volumes of googled information as well as from books and pamphlets and actual Civil War era documents. I toured the battlefields multiple times. On one trek I walked the entire distance through  chest high grass of what had been the 3rd Texas Cavalry campground and discovered it was about 400 yards long. I also picked up some tics along…

Real Answers About the Civil War

answers to the facebook questions The men and women of the Civil War were real people with real talents and real challenges. 1. Ulysses s. grant was an accomplished artist. google his paintings. 2.stonewall Jackson got his nickname at the first battle of bull run when general bee said "look, there stands Jackson like a stone wall!" General bee was hit by a bullet and died on the field. 3. the lion of anacosta was none other than abolitionist Frederick…