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More Surprising Civil War Facts

1.From 1861 to 1865, the number of #orphans in America doubled. 2. #Horses and other draft animals had about a 7 month #life expectancy during the war. 3. The leading cause of death by disease during the war was diarrhea. About one case in 40 was fatal. Poor sanitation in camps and prisoner of war camps contributed to the situation. 4. Most #soldiers, when #marching, covered about 15 to 20 miles a day. Not bad, especially for southern soldiers who…

Splintered is the New Title for the 2nd Book

After a large number of votes were cast, Splintered still won by a huge margin. Thanks to all who voted. The book is at the published. It'll be a few months until it's ready to come out. I'll give plenty of notice. I invite everyone who has not read Asunder, A Novel of the Civil War, to get a copy. It's at Amazon, at BandN.com and at Outskirts Press. Other providers have picked it up, too. It's featured at Bookpeople…


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