Shiloh Reenactment

April 17, 2017

The Drum beat goes On!

I had the chance to be a reenactor at the 155th anniversary of the battle of Shiloh. Over 2500 reenactors attended. Perhaps 3000 or more visitors came to watch the action. Very moving event. I learned a lot and met some to the best people in the world. Bravo to all who made the event possible.

I learned a good deal about the different types of Cavalry saddles as well as the multiple types of bugle calls. How did they remember them all. The bugler always stayed close to the officer to blow the various battle tunes. Each one called for a different action. The cannon fire was noisy, and the reenactors were brilliant in their movements and portrayals.

At Shiloh reenactment, the men practicing the actual firing of cannons. Over 25 cannons present.

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