Wow! Facts About the Civil War

January 30, 2018

Soldiers from both armies were quick to forgive and try to forget the war. Not all, but most.
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General Joe Hooker wanted the men to have additional comforts during their marches and camping, so he allowed “ladies of the evening” to accompany the troops. These trollops set up tents outside the camps, hung a red lantern and made a handy profit.

The biggest killer in the Civil War was disease. Two-thirds of those who died did so because of disease. Antibiotics had become known in Europe, but were not adopted in America until after the war.

The song “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down” mentions a cavalry troop that tore up the crops again. General Stoneman led his cavalry through the south, destroying food stuffs in 1864 and 65.

The south had no real manufacturing capabilities. A good portion of the armaments they gained were shipped from Europe before the blockade closed most of the ports. Or they were stolen from armories like Harper’s Ferry, or taken in victory from the Union armaments.

The first flag of the Confederacy flew in Montgomery Alabama and was the Bonnie Blue Flag, similar to one used in Texas’ war for independence. The song, The Bonnie Blue Flag, written by Harry McCarthy, was sung first in New Orleans to a bunch of Texas volunteers.

The Confederacy had little bullion so could not strike many coins in the mint in New Orleans. Some coins were struck in New York before the US government shut it down. The Confederate half dollar, of which only a dozen were struck, consisted of the US half dollar with the backside planed off. On that side was featured a shield, seven stars and the words “Confederate States of America.’

One day during the war, so the story goes, a fellow on the street asked President Davis,” Are you Mister Davis, president of the Confederacy?” Davis replied, “I am,” to which the questioner replied, “Well, by God, I thought you looked like a postage stamp!”


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